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Cultúr na nOileáin Tours are a Gold Certified EcoTourism Ireland experience, in conjunction with Inishbofin Community Centre.

Discover the history of Inishbofin, Connemara’s last island outpost, in the company of native island historian and archaeologist, Tommy Burke. Cultúr na nOileáin tours offer unique ecotourism experiences operated in conjunction with Inishbofin Community Centre. Cultúr na nOileáin Walking Tours provide the most environmentally friendly way of exploring the islands. Both Tommy and the Inishbofin Community Centre are members of the Inishbofin Leave No Trace network. All guided walks keep to the Leave No Trace code of conduct and adhere to the minimal impact hillwalking, birdwatching and marine megafauna viewing codes where relevant. We have a policy limiting our maximum group size at 25 people per guide. For larger groups we employ a secondary guide to lead a walk on a different route. We also pay particular care to highlighting features of the Inishbofin and Inishark Special Area of Conservation, and how to avoid negatively impacting upon these.

Eco Experience #1 – Inishbofin Exploration

The first of our Ecotourism Experiences offers a choice of guided walks on Inishbofin. These walks can be tailored to suit the interests of a particular group, fitness levels, time constraints, and tides (note that a walk to Cromwell’s Castle is only available at low tide). All walks take between 2 and 3 hours to complete. Below are some of the main themes:

Pirates and Parliamentarians

Learn about the tactics used by the famous pirate queen Granuaile, and her ally Don Bosco, to wield control over Inishbofin harbour. The Parliamentarian forces of Oliver Cromwell subsequently fortified the site with the star-shaped barracks which remains to this day, standing guard over the harbour’s mouth. Explore this stunning 17th century castle and learn of its dark history.

Monks and Mythology

Inishbofin and Inishark were home to several saints down through their history. You will learn all about the monastic sites of St. Scaithín, St. Leo, and the patron saint of Inishbofin, St. Colman, who built an abbey on the island.

Inishbofin (Inis Bó Finne) means “The Island of the White Cow”. Discover the myth behind the name, along with a wealth of island folklore.

Fishermen and Farmers

Gain an insight in to the culture and heritage of the island’s more recent history. Trace the path from the rich fishing industry of the 19th century and the height of island population, to the early 20th century fishing/farming communities, right up to the modern phenomenon of tourism and the influx of holiday-makers.

Prehistoric Inishbofin

As part of the walking tour, you will take in the remains of the Bronze Age island landscape, its field systems and house sites. You will visit the Iron Age promontory fort sites, including the dramatic cliff-top site of Dún Mór.



Eco Experience #2 – Guided trips to Inishark

Our second Ecotourism experience is a guided trip to our neighbouring island of Inishark. Please note that this Experience must be pre-booked and is limited to 12 people per trip. There is an additional cost for the fast ferry transfer to Inishark  and is  subject to numbers.

Tommy has for several years worked on the “Cultural Landscapes of the Irish Coast” project with academics from Notre Dame University. As a result of this he can provide you with a unique archaeological and cultural insight in to this beautiful deserted island, which lies just west of Inishbofin.
Tommy personally unearthed a 14th century cross-slab during an archaeological excavation on Inishark.

Essential Information:

Adults €20
Children Under 12 Free

Scheduled walks:

June 2018 – Tuesday & Wednesday 1 pm

July 2018 –  Monday to Friday (inclusive) 1 pm except Monday 2pm

August 2018 – Monday to Friday (inclusive) 1pm except Monday 2pm

September 2018 – Tuesday & Wednesday 1pm

All guided tours will depart from the Inishbofin Community Centre. Visitors are advised to arrive a few minutes early for registration before the walk departs. Fair Trade tea and coffee is on sale at the Community Centre, along with minerals and snacks.

Our tours promote the ethos of Leave No Trace, and place a firm emphasis on how to enjoy Inishbofin while preserving its environment.

For further information or to book your place please contact:

Inishbofin Community Centre on 095-45989

Tommy on 087 9789588


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