Light of Hope through Despair

With her visual diary Tetiana Vysotska tells her journey from Bucha, Ukraine to Creggs, Co. Galway. When words could no longer speak about her fears and anxieties Tetiana turner to art to tell her story. Amidst bombs and missiles, hunkered down in a basement with her children, she takes out her paints and brushes to confront the unspeakable darkness. In vibrant colours she dreams herself into a new future.

Her artwork tells of hope in despair, of courage when walking into the unknown and a fervent wish for healing. With her exhibition of paintings accompanied with diary entries, Tetiana shares her own personal story to give the viewer an insight into the reality of war and displacement.

She invites visitors to accompany her on her own journey to healing and to find new hope for the future. Come see her work and meet the artist. All proceeds of the sale of her artwork goes directly to an aid organisation in Kiev, Ukraine, that supports displaced families and offers shelter for children orphaned as a result of the war.

Artist meet and greet at the Community Centre on Saturday 12:30 – 1:30 pm.

A special thank you to Regina King who made this event possible.