Kitchen Middens These islands possess a number of Midden sites though they remain undated as yet. Possibly the earliest remains... View Article

Early Christian

Close to the tiny harbour in Inishark there are a number of features associated with the monastic site founded by... View Article

Late Medieval

The strategic importance of these islands ensured that they attracted the attentions of both National and English forces during the... View Article

Monastic Sites

The very first reference to Inishbofin comes from the 7th century. St Colman, who was of Connacht origin and who... View Article

After Cromwell

In the eighteenth century, the islands then owned by the Burkes entered a period of relative tranquillity and benign neglect.... View Article


Death of Inishark

By Dixon Scott (article of the Daily Mirror, Thursday, October 27th, 1960) The sun shone beautifully. The breeze came softly... View Article