Sun & Activities!

Average temperatures: 8 – 18 °C

Top experiences: Irish Music Sessions, Walking, Swimming, Diving, Birdwatching, Cycling, Sea Angling, RIB charter tours, Geo caching, Kayaking, Sailing, StandUp Paddle Boarding

We recommend: Beach towels, sunscreen (Yes even in Ireland, summer 2013 reached up to 33 deg!) hiking boots, warm water proof clothing, torch

Notes: Booking advised as the island gets quite busy during the summer months

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Green Coast Awarded Beaches

This site is situated off the Co. Galway coast about 5.5 km from the mainland. It comprises two main islands, Inishbofin and Inishshark, with several islets and stacks. Part of the surrounding marine waters are also included. The islands are composed almost entirely of Silurian slates and shales and rise to heights of 89 m (Inishbofin) and 69 m (Inishshark).

sessions on Inishbofin

Music Nights and Sessions on Inishbofin

Experience the vibrant music scene on Inishbofin with regular music nights and unscheduled sessions in various venues. From lively concerts to impromptu performances, the island comes alive with melodies year-round.

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