Fresh Local Food, Made With Love

Let our island restaurants & pubs nourish you both physically and mentally, and don’t forget to support our local shop that can get your shopping to the island for you and deliver it to your doorstep. Local produce can also be found at the Community Market – or try catching your dinner yourself!

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Flavours of Land and Sea

Discover the Island’s Culinary Scene Welcome to our island, where you can explore a variety of culinary experiences, including the annual island food festival. There are seven unique restaurants and pubs on the island, each offering its own distinctive blend of flavors. Tasty Treats to Try Inishwallah, a double-decker food truck featured in The Guardian,…

Sustainable Island Food

Sustainable Island Food

Sustainability is a key focus for many island communities when it comes to food and food production. With limited resources and a desire to preserve the local environment, sustainable practices are vital. One of the main sources of sustainable island food is the ocean. Fresh seafood straight from the ocean is a staple on many…

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