Island Development on Inishbofin

Inishbofin is not only a beloved summer escape but also a year-round home to nearly 200 residents and a cherished place in the hearts of many island descendants. We are fortunate to have a dedicated community of friends who deeply care about the island and its ongoing development.

Discover more about the exciting projects and initiatives led by the Inishbofin Development Company below. From housing initiatives to renewable energy endeavors, we are committed to nurturing the island’s sustainable growth. Stay updated with the latest news and updates by following us on social media or exploring the articles shared on our website.

Join us on this journey of shaping the future of Inishbofin and ensuring its prosperity for generations to come.

Featured Articles

Renewable Energy Master Plan

Renewable Energy is part of the future, and looking into ways to build a more sustainable and resilient future is important especially for island communities.

Housing – A Challenge For Offshore Islands

Cornerstone for sustaining population on islands Available, affordable housing is one cornerstone for sustaining population on Ireland’s offshore islands. Housing, employment and education form a holy triangle of the survival of island communities together with other critical infrastructure such as the island life line – ferry connection. There are a few reasons why housing is…

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