What is the best way to find out if there are any rooms / self catering cottages left for a certain period of time?

Unfortunately we don’t have a centralised booking system, so the only way to find out is to contact the accommodation providers.

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What is the best way to get to Inishbofin?

There is a great Citylink connection from Galway directly to Cleggan that meets up with certain sailings. You can also take a taxi from Clifden, which usually takes around 15 minutes and costs approximately 10-15 euros.

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How do I arrive with my own car?

There is a privately operated car park in Cleggan, parking on Cleggan pier is not recommended. Most of all – please refrain from bringing your own car to Inishbofin! Our narrow roads are best navigated on foot or by bicycle – help with bags etc. is always available. Contact the Community Centre tourism information if you have any questions or worries.

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What should I bring with me?

Regardless of the time of the year a wind and rain proof jacket, a warm jumper, a flashlight and good walking shoes are usually always needed.

I'm staying in a self-catering, is there a shop on the island?

We have a small but flexible local shop that can get your order in from the mainland and deliver it to your doorstep – one less thing for you to worry about! Please check The Pier Shop under Food & Drink.

How long should I stay on Inishbofin?

Most visitors love to stay for anything from two nights to two weeks. The island is small but there are many different walks and activities to explore. The most important activity of all is to slow down and be nourished by the wild Atlantic sea air and landscapes!

I only have time for a day trip, where should I go?

We recommend heading directly to one of our three looped walks and enjoying a well-deserved meal in one of the island restaurants while waiting for the ferry back to the mainland. We would much appreciate if you would support the local community and purchase some island crafts or produce before heading back!

Are there really people living on Inishbofin year-round?

Yes, there is a population of approximately 175 living on Inishbofin year-round. Please remember to respect home privacy while exploring the island! Don’t go into private gardens or homes uninvited, clean up after your dog and close any gates behind you to keep life stock where they’re supposed to be.

I'm in love with Bofin, how could I best support the island?

Consider coming to Inishbofin during Spring and Autumn and stay a night or two, buy your groceries in the local shop and support the local restaurants, pubs and crafts shops; respect the environment, fellow visitors and the local community; be mindful of the vulnerable and bird habitats of the island. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and get approximately 1-4 emails per year about development on the island, fundraisers and events. If you have some other ideas how you could and would want to support Inishbofin, feel free to contact us! And, think of a few simple ways you could help combat climate change and support sustainability of islands.

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