Remote Working on Inishbofin

Remote Working on Inishbofin: Embrace Creativity in a Tranquil Setting

Looking to escape the daily grind or boost your creativity? Inishbofin offers the perfect blend of a beautiful offshore island and remote working opportunities. Combine work and a stay in the islands serene environment effortlessly.

If your job keeps you glued to a computer screen, Inishbofin provides the ideal setting to rejuvenate your mind. Take peaceful walks or enjoy the breathtaking Atlantic landscapes from a cozy cottage. Clear your mind and welcome fresh, new ideas.

There are many longer term housing options available especially outside the height of the Summer. The Inishbofin Community Centre, a proud member of the national Connected Hubs network, offers flexible workspace options at the very heart of the island. Rent a desk or room for your desired period. Explore the facilities and options on the Connected Hubs website, and inquire about discounts for extended bookings.

Experience the tranquility and beauty of Inishbofin while staying connected and productive. Let the island inspire your creativity. Escape the routine and embrace remote working possibilities in Inishbofin.

Plan your island retreat today and find the perfect balance between work and relaxation amidst captivating natural surroundings. Remote working facilities have made it possible for more and more people find their new haven on offshore islands of Ireland.

We’re grateful to the Department of Rural and Community Development and Galway County Council for their funding, which has enabled the creation of this remote working opportunity on Inishbofin.