Sustainability is a key focus for many island communities when it comes to food and food production. With limited resources and a desire to preserve the local environment, sustainable practices are vital.

One of the main sources of sustainable island food is the ocean. Fresh seafood straight from the ocean is a staple on many island menus, and is often caught using sustainable fishing practices such as line fishing and trap fishing. The use of these methods helps to maintain the health and abundance of local seafood populations.

Local farms and gardens also play an important role in sustainable island food production. In addition to supporting local food production, island communities are also focused on reducing food waste. Many island restaurants and cafes make a conscious effort on waste management and recycling.

Sustainable island food is not only good for the environment, but it also produces unique and flavorful cuisine. By using local ingredients, island chefs are able to create dishes that are unique to our island. So next time you’re on Inishbofin, make sure to try some of the delicious sustainable cuisine that is being produced right in front of you.