A visitor’s week program

One might think that an island the size of 5 km x 3 km would be fully explored in just a few hours, but let us assure you that if you’re at all an outdoorsy person Inishbofin can well keep you entertained for a full week. If you need further proof just as the almost 200 people who live here year round year after year, or the many visitors who keep coming back.

We put together this draft programme just to give you an idea of what a week on Inishbofin could look like besides enjoying our Green Coast awarded beaches:

Rent a bike to get around the island, get settled in your accommodation and enjoy dinner and music in one of the island’s restaurants, or start your holiday with a massage or reflexology therapy

Westquarter looped walk with a visit to the Blow Holes and the magnificent Trá Gheal beach, or one of the other two official looped walks.

Stand-up-paddling or kayaking in the harbour, or pool / football in the Community Centre hall on a rainy day. A visit to the island bookshop by the Community Centre is also worthwhile.

A guided tour by one of the island guides and a visit to the Community Market

A flower arrangement workshop, or maybe a beach day on one of our Green Coast beaches

A day trip to Inishark or Inishturk Island, or sea angling in the vicinity

Explore the rest of the island and visit the Inishbofin Heritage Museum & Gift Shop if you haven’t done this already

And sure while you’re at it why wouldn’t you stay for another weekend, especially if there is an interesting event or festival in the horizon!