Dr. Easkey Britton

What do you love most about Inishbofin?
There’s something about small offshore islands that create this immediate sense of expansion. What makes Inishbofin so special is the richness of its cultural and natural heritage and how that spills over into the now. The fusion of the pulsing energy of impromptu traditional music sessions with the solitude of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. If I was to pick just one thing it’s the waters that surround it – it instantly activates a state of ‘blue mindfulness’. Beneath the surface it teems with a world of colourful sea life.

What has experiencing or seeing island life given or taught you?
Immense gratitude and presence. Maybe it’s the proximity and exposure to the rapidly changing weather elements that demand total awareness or that there is nowhere else to be or go, inviting me to slow down. The slowing down is what deepens the connection, with the people we meet and the living world all around us. It was the perfect place for me to reconnect with my creativity and start writing my next book, all about water!

What would be your vision for the future of Inishbofin?
That there continues to be a greater understanding, care and respect for the beauty and fragility of nature, especially the waters surrounding the island and all the life it supports, including us humans. There are great opportunities to combine nature-based experiences and activities with conservation, citizen science and ocean literacy. May a culture of reciprocity continue to be nurtured by everyone, and all who visit.