Liz Coleman

What do you love most about Inishbofin?
The spectacular landscape, the dynamic weather, the feeling of being surrounded by the Atlantic, warm welcome from those the island inhabitants, the great food options (crab claws and Guinness), and of course music, song and craic and the feeling of anticipation – you never know who might come off the next ferry and what the turns that a day or a night might take!

What has experiencing or seeing island life given or taught you?  
The main thing is that island life gives the opportunity to step out of hectic-pace life for a while, allowing to spend days in a more natural rhythm, yet still full of all the important things – nature, community, music, entertainment, good food. Island life is by necessity very in tune with nature, the weather, self sufficient and so a case-study in sustainable living.

What would be your vision for the future of Inishbofin?
The Inishbofin community seems to me to be at once completely mindful of island traditions, language and heritage, yet innovative, and open to new people,ideas and creative avenues. I envision Inishbofin as an example of how communities can combine traditional  heritage, knowledge and practices with technology and innovation to foster development in a way that is sustainable, inclusive and inkeeping with the natural and cultural landscape.